gif of Intravenous gameplay

The concept is simple: You control a nanobot that is injected into the bloodstream. You must destroy enough bacteria to stop the human from dying from the infection. Destroying white and red blood cells will hurt the human, and destroying enough of them will kill the human.

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During my final semester as a senior in college, I took a class in game development. The course covered how to make 2D and 3D games in Unity and simple physics engine algorithms such as collision detection.

Making the graphics for this game was pretty simple as there isn’t too much detail at a microscopic level so I could use simple shapes for the model. Below are three simple models I made in blender.

spinning bacteria modelspinning white blood cell modelspinning red blood cell model

The main menu was fun to make. I made the camera a fixed distance off of the ground and then made two parametric equations with sin and cosine for the x and y coordinates. To point it towards the patient I used a built in point to method.

I think the way I made the bloodstream was pretty fun given the limited time I had to make it. If I could, I would have made a long twisting series of tubes that the players and the other cells would flow through. But that would have taken a while and I only had half a semester to make the game. So instead I made a really long tube whose position on one of the axes was tied to the player’s position on that axis. When the player would move along that axis, the vein would move with the player on that same axis.

The bloodstream is also flowing so the cells would eventually get really far from the player, so I made a check to delete the cells if they got too far. With the cells flowing and the players ability to move up and down the bloodstream I had to find a way to make it seem like the bloodstream was always populated because of course there aren’t huge empty pockets of nothing in the bloodstream. So I made two boxes where cells could spawn positioned far in front and behind the player. If the boxes had less than a certain amount of cells then more cells would spawn until a certain threshold was met. Additionally, one of the boxes had to have a larger threshold since cells would flow in one direction from one box to another.

screenshot fo Intravenous in Unity editor

Over all I enjoyed making this game. I think it’s a neat concept that could be expanded. For example you could be fighting other things such as cancer in an organ. Or you could be delivering critical life saving medicine to a certain spot in the body. There are a lot of things the could be built on top of this game.

Models not made by me:

  • Human Model - Turbosquid
  • Car - Free3d

Music not made by me:

  • Autochre - Basscadet
  • Gigi Masin - Broken Clouds
  • Telan Devik - Veterans