Web Development

Supercharging My Bookmarks With Full Text Search

I was getting annoyed at how hard it is to search my bookmarks, so I did something about it.
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Long Stache

I saw the other day that Logstash has both an HTTP input plugin and an HTTP output plugin, and that gave me this genius idea.
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CAPTCHAed Red Handed

What would a CAPTCHA look like if it tested people's instincts rather than their ability to identify objects?
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Gutenberg Blocks - _.contains is not a function

Are you developing custom blocks for Gutenberg in Wordpress, using a custom Webpack configuration, and getting this error? Did you configure the Dependency Extraction Webpack Plugin correctly?
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A Prank With IFrames

It's April Fool's Day today, and I'm reminded of a small prank I did in college using IFrames.
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Hosting Websites & Services Without a Static IP Address

One of the challenges of hosting a web server at home is having domain names point to your home IP address at all times. Here's how I tackled that issue.
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New Site 2022

New year new website. It’s been a busy year for me in 2021.
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Website Launch

After a couple months of working on my website I have finally programmed enough of it that I feel ready to purchase some server space and put it up for others to see.
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