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Ever since I got my very first smartphone, the Galaxy S4, the navigation buttons on my smartphones have been in the same order: Recent Apps, Home, and Back. Recently I purchased a Motorola RAZR 40, a pretty neat and relatively cheap folding smartphone. I went through the normal process of setting up my new smartphone to my liking. But to my dismay, they didn't include the option to change the navigation button order in the settings where it normally is!

No option to change 3 button order

Luckily though there's a work around. Thank-you to alivegas35 on XDA Forums for finding this.

Step By Step Guide

Long press on the home screen, and then tap "Widgets"

Step 1

Scroll down until you get to the Settings widget

Step 2

Tap and hold on the Settings widget and drag it on to the home screen

Step 3

A menu will automatically appear, with a list of Settings shortcut options. Scroll down to "3-Button Navigation" and tap on it.

Step 4

You will then be sent back to the home screen. Tap on the newly created shortcut, and then select your preferred option.

Step 5

You can then get rid of the Settings shortcut on your home screen.

Step 6

Hope this work around helped you, and hopefully Motorola sends out an update to include the settings that they forgot.